Saturday, March 24, 2012

tu es triste. je suis désolée

Birds and Tears. Words and Fears.
If only I could be the wings on your caged bird
If only I were the songs of a dove
If only the swans shared their beauty
If only I, solely, was your love

But you are the cage that surrounds me
You don’t even know I’m inside
Maybe, when once you had found me,
You wouldn’t be lacking such pride

If you could see beauty that profounds you
You’d be a happier man
If you could accept me, my beauty
You’d love me for the who that I am

If only I could be there when you cry
Even just as the tear on your cheek
I’d comfort you, falling, and then dry
I would make your future less meek

I’d wash away hurt and stay close by
I’d be with you while you felt pain
I would let time pass and just stand by
I would, for your world, be the rain

And in the end, you’d see my beauty
In the end, you’d feel me again
In the end, I’d die for you, mutely
In the end, I’d have nothing to gain

But it’s not about winning or losing
The battle, it stirs deep within
For longing and longing, I’ve lost you
And I’ll never see you again.

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